a.) Soon (2017-06-24)

№2 | Return to Shangri-La

CD in clothbound folder (73 copies)

Mister Vapor

Still Available

№15 | The Annual War on Osmosis

á, Philipp Bückle, Sam Hatzaras, Nobile, Tobias Schmitt, Weltraumbruder
Free Download

№0 | Season’s Farewells

Appartment22, Dronæment, gran où lée, Machinefabriek, Weltraumbruder
Free Download

Gone for Good

№3 | Ivanhoe Relics (ed. 1)

Light Sleeper
C-50 Tape (37 copies)
The Sunday Experience

№5 | You’re a Séance, Old North (ed. 1)

Look To The North
(David Colohan & Zachary Corsa)
CDr in Hand-Stitched Booklet (41 copies)

№13 | Home Recordings and Visitations

Gruppe Nord und Besucher
(Lasse-Marc Riek; Philipp Bückle, David Colohan, Daliah, Light Sleeper, Johan G. Winther)
CDr (7 copies)


№1 | Fields of Ehrenbreitstein

Machinefabriek, Lasse-Marc Riek, Jos Smolders, David Vélez, Weltraumbruder
(261 copies)

№4 | Amongst Epilogues

á, A Death Cinematic, Asphodel, Beth Kleist, Philipp Bückle, Corwood Manual, Dronæment, Ghost Monkey, Giesela, Raphi Gottesman, The Humble Bee, Marcus Kürten, Lasse-Marc Riek, Light Sleeper, Lost Trail, Machinefabriek, Maps and Diagrams, David Mixco, Names for Sounds, Ohrginal, Phober, Nils Quak, Roadside Picnic, Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Weltraumbruder, Window Magic
Box Set of 2 CDs, Tape and Download
(50 + 50 + 100 copies)

№6 | Chemtrails

Appartment22, Dronæment, elektr@, Etzin, fubsan, gran où lée, He Tears Consume, Dirk Hülstrunk, lufth, Martin Moritz, Ohrginal, Lasse-Marc Riek, Sonovo, Patty Stucki, Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Sylvester Cologne, Andreas Usenbenz

№7 | Maple Leaves in the Engines

Magnetic Lips (Mike Armine, Lisa Lavery, Dion Lay, Richard Whitelaw & Justin Wiggan)
CDr (50 copies)


Marcus Kürten
Loose Leaf Edition

№9 | Hypnos

Sam Hatzaras

№10 | … At Aldebaraan


№12 | The Clarity of Dawn

Raphi Gottesman

№14 | Collab 14

Sound_00 + Lefterna
Tape ∨ CDr

№16 | Points of Departure

Maps and Diagrams

№17 | Ivanhoe Reworks

Philipp Bückle, Gallery Six, Raphi Gottesman, The Humble Bee, Light Sleeper, Maps and Diagrams, The New Honey Shade, Nobile, Olive Is The Sun, Window Magic
Tape + CD

№18 | La mer et les rochers

Tape ∨ CDr

№19 | An Image of a Bird Seconds Before It Appears


№22 | List of References (Variations)

Olive Is The Sun