»Amongst Epilogues« is name of an elaborate box set, currated and released by AOsmosis Records. The release is concerned with the only works of Giesela: Weiß, Rot and Schwarz – 3 albums released in short runs on different music labels between 2005 and 2008.

The eponymouse epilogues (and cornerstones of this release) are tracks created in 2010 by the 3 artists Dronæment, Ohrginal, and Suspicion Breeds Confidence as a farewell, when project Giesela was discontinued. They appeared on a handmade edition of 5 copies – now released together on Amongst Epilogues for the first time, accompanied by a plethora of interpretations, remixes, versions, and homages by invited artists.

Amongst the contributing artists are A Death Cinematic (US), Light Sleeper (AU), Lost Trail (US), Machinefabriek (NL), Maps and Diagrams (UK), David Mixco (US), Names for Sounds (US/DE), Roadside Picnic (UK), Weltraumbruder (DE), Window Magic (DE).

Also featured will be poetic examinations by Zachary Corsa (Lost Trail), Daniel Knef, Marcus Kürten, and Nils Quak.

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