You’re a Séance, Old North
— by Look To The North —

David Colohan
guitars, autoharp, table harp, melody harp, harmonium, no-input four track, sampled mellotron & field recordings.
Zachary Corsa
guitars, piano, field recordings & shortwave.

“Everything about this album is as close to perfect as you can get. From the exquisite handmade packaging, which magnifies the context for the the album to the beguiling and ingenious recordings of Zachary Corsa and David Colohan.” – A Death Cinematic for Heathen Harvest

“It wants you to venture further in, but some kind of sense warns you of an unseen presence lurking further inside, camouflaged by the trees and their thick bodies of rough bark.”A Closer Listen

“With the devotional, ambient gem that is ‘You’re A Séance, Old North’, David Colohan and Zachary Corsa […] knowledgeably execute a process of reverential and gentle archaeology.”
Folk Horror Revival

“The elaborate packaging, a hand-stitched booklet of Xeroxed nature imagery & occult diagrams drive home the otherworldly atmosphere, a melancholic meditation on nature, spirituality & loss.”The Wire (Issue #394)

  1. Where You Vanished Off the Edges of a Cul-De-Sac,
    Like Falling Off a Map
    (20′ 02″)

  2. “Harriet was Here,” Less so Now (20′ 00″)

Available in a 1st edition of 41 CDRs with handcrafted, one-of-a-kind 24-page booklets, comprising a dedicated poem as well as photography by Zachary Corsa and diagrams of occult origin.


The xeroxed pages can distinctly differ from copy to copy – moreover the colored pages can be affected by the xeroxing process inasmuch as the used photocopier adds stripes and stains to the reverse side at times.

Sold Out

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