Latest Releases

№25 | FALEN

Tape in Cross-Fold Box (19 + 31 copies)


№31 | I Promise that I Won’t Die Before You Do

CDr in Gatefold Wallet (43 + 67 copies)

Lapith Girl

THSIV | Artists Against Apartheid

Tape in Cross-Fold Box (73 copies)

Shalabi Quintet (Stefan Christoff, Will Eizlini, Mark Haynes, Anthony von Seck & Sam Shalabi) feat. Joël Lavoie, Joni Void & Nick Schofield

№1 | Fields of Ehrenbreitstein

Postcard (19 + 261 copies)

Machinefabriek, Lasse-Marc Riek, Jos Smolders, David Vélez, Weltraumbruder

Still Available

№0 | Season’s Farewells

Appartment22, Dronæment, gran où lée, Machinefabriek, Weltraumbruder
Free Download

№2 | Return to Shangri-La

Mister Vapor
CD in clothbound folder (73 copies)

№6 | This Voice Will Not Hold Out Its Hand E​.​P.

Raphi Gottesman

№14 | Collab 14

Sound_00 + Lefterna
Tape (7 + 17 copies)

№15 | The Annual War on Osmosis

á, Philipp Bückle, Sam Hatzaras, Nobile, Tobias Schmitt, Weltraumbruder
Free Download

№19 | An Image of a Bird Seconds Before It Appears

Tape (19 + 48 copies)
CD (67 copies)

№23 | Drawn to the Investigation of Shadows

Die Geister Beschwören
Tape (23 + 60 copies)

Gone for Good

№3 | Ivanhoe Relics (ed. 1)

Light Sleeper
C-50 Tape (37 copies)
The Sunday Experience

№5 | You’re a Séance, Old North (ed. 1)

Look To The North
(David Colohan & Zachary Corsa)
CDr in Hand-Stitched Booklet (41 copies)

№13 | Home Recordings and Visitations

Gruppe Nord und Besucher
(Lasse-Marc Riek; Philipp Bückle, David Colohan, Daliah, Light Sleeper, Johan G. Winther)
CDr (7 copies)

№18 | La mer et les rochers

CDr in diecut sleeve (19 copies)


№4 | Amongst Epilogues

á, A Death Cinematic, Asphodel, Beth Kleist, Philipp Bückle, Corwood Manual, Dronæment, Ghost Monkey, Giesela, Raphi Gottesman, The Humble Bee, Marcus Kürten, Lasse-Marc Riek, Light Sleeper, Lost Trail, Machinefabriek, Maps and Diagrams, David Mixco, Names for Sounds, Ohrginal, Phober, Nils Quak, Roadside Picnic, Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Weltraumbruder, Window Magic
Box Set of 2 CDs, Tape and Download
(50 + 50 + 100 copies)


Marcus Kürten
Loose Leaf Edition

№9 | Hypnos

Sam Hatzaras

№10 | … At Aldebaraan


№12 | Maple Leaves in the Engines

Magnetic Lips (Mike Armine, Lisa Lavery, Dion Lay, Richard Whitelaw & Justin Wiggan)
CDr (50 copies)

№16 | Haoma

Maps and Diagrams

№17 | Ivanhoe Reworks

The Aurora Principle, Philipp Bückle, Caminauta, Gallery Six, Raphi Gottesman, halF unusuaL, Maiya Hershey, The Humble Bee, Light Sleeper, Maps and Diagrams, The New Honey Shade, Nobile, Oberlin, Olive Is The Sun, Valotihkuu, Window Magic, Xu
Tape + CD

№21 | Intervals

Light Sleeper

№22 | List of References (Variations)

Olive Is The Sun

№24 | Chemtrails

Appartment22, Dronæment, elektr@, Etzin, fubsan, gran où lée, He Tears Consume, Dirk Hülstrunk, lufth, Martin Moritz, Ohrginal, Lasse-Marc Riek, Sonovo, Patty Stucki, Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Sylvester Cologne, Andreas Usenbenz

№26 | The Visitors